This is my website. I am Max Sandholm, also commonly go by the name of vurpo. I'm a student, hacker, programmer, musician, and probably carry some other labels too. This is a website where I document projects I've worked on myself, as well as probably blog about stuff. Welcome!

You can find me in various different places on the line:

Recent blog posts

  • Improving nheko (and creating a better Matrix)

    By creating more and better IM clients for Matrix, we can create a better world of Matrix, meeting the needs of more people. Making nheko a better Matrix client helps toward this goal.

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  • GPD Win

    Fun fact: By number of devices purchased, GPD is my second-most purchased brand of electronics.

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  • Building on Matrix

    So I discovered Matrix, and I like programming. What’s next? Writing a client for Matrix, obviously! Follow me into the realm of the Matrix Client-Server API…

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  • FOSDEM 2017

    Just like HSF2017 one week before it, FOSDEM 2017 came, and FOSDEM 2017 went. Another absolutely superb hacking weekend! For me, this weekend was two days of Godot Engine, Rust, and Matrix.

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  • Victory!

    HSF2017 came, HSF2017 went, it was all good fun. My robot won! And other fun things in Tampere.

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