As I’ve previously stated, I like Godot Engine. I also like Matrix. And often, when making multiplayer games, you need some way to communicate between instances of a game. Godot Engine does have realtime networking facilities built in, but for something less realtime and easier to use, like a protocol for in-game chatting or matchmaking, I thought a different protocol could be appropriate. Inspired by various projects that use IRC for this sort of thing, I decided to build a Matrix protocol library for Godot Engine.

godot-matrix is the library which was born. It is essentially equivalent to the various other Matrix SDK libraries included in the Matrix project, and it is written in pure C++, as a module for Godot Engine.

It provides a MatrixClient node, which can be used to connect to and log in to a Matrix homeserver. When logged in, you can access various functions for creating, joining, and leaving rooms, and sending messages. The library does not provide a lot of additional functionality over the bare Matrix client-server REST API, but is mostly a wrapper for the API that makes the API easier to use within a Godot Engine project, without having to make HTTPS requests to a server manually.

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