Just like HSF2017 one week before it, FOSDEM 2017 came, and FOSDEM 2017 went. Another absolutely superb hacking weekend! For me, this weekend was two days of Godot Engine, Rust, and Matrix.

I’m a big fan of Godot Engine. I don’t particularly feel like developing games for some reason, but the engine is good 👌. So it was because of the Godot Engine online community that I decided to get a flight to Brussels, and visit FOSDEM. (and leave before GodotCon…)

FOSDEM was really great. A whole bunch of really interesting stands (Godot, Matrix, Mozilla, Fedora, Olimex among them), a bunch of interesting talks, and a lot of stickers. Good beer, everything you need.

Maybe even better during this weekend was being able to get together and really get hacking on a project. On Saturday and Sunday I got working on some really interesting and exciting stuff for Godot Engine + Rust. This feels very exciting and I hope it will keep on going forward as I really like Rust and Godot.

Now let’s keep going forward! The future is always exciting, and I want to be a part of it. Next up for me will probably be HSF2017½. Good times 👌

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